Marketing Ideas to Grow Your Creative Business

May 4, 2018

So you’ve spent time learning a new skill, you’ve learned how to utilize it to create things people want, but now you need to find these so-called people. The hardest part of starting a creative business is coming up with creative marketing ideas to find people who want to buy your services.

This post is going to give you a list of ways to attract the attention of potential clients.

marketing ideas for your creative business
This post most likely contains affiliate links, which means I will make a small commission, at no cost to you, if you make a purchase through a link. I only recommend products I use and love.

Now, I’m mostly going to talk about how to attract hand lettering clients, since that’s what I know best, but you can use a lot of these marketing tips for whatever creative business you’re running.

how to attract clients to your creative businesshow to bring more clients to your creative business


Obviously, this is one of the best ways to market your products and attract clients who need creative services. Etsy has a customer base of millions of people so your potential reach is enormous. It’s an awesome way to sell wedding calligraphy since wedding planning is such a huge part of the clientele. You can offer custom wedding envelopes, let the customer choose how many they need, and any color variations you might offer.

  • make sure you take awesome, high-quality pictures of your envelopes to highlight your style and talent
  • make sure to research SEO so the number of people who find your product is maximized

This is also a great way to get custom orders. Make sure you enable custom order requests on your page. If people like what you do, they could reach out for something more personal or something that’s closer to what they’ve envisioned.

Make sure to get 40 free listings for your Etsy shop!!!!

Start a Blog!

When you start a blog to accompany your talent, you can use it to give people advice and expertise about what you do. When you do this, it makes people who visit your blog trust your abilities and view you as an example to follow. This means, that if they ever need what you provide they’ll come to you first. Trust and expertise are some of the best ways of marketing yourself to potential customers.

Make sure you have a page on your website that lists and explains what you offer. If they know you’re actively offering your services they’ll be more comfortable contacting you about helping them.

Reach out to professionals

One of the easiest ways to attract clients is to personally reach out tell them that you’re available for business. I have actually found a lot of success by doing this.

Local Businesses

Take note of any businesses that have chalkboard signs, window lettering, promo flyers in comic sans, etc. Chances are that whatever it is you can do it a lot better and chances are they will pay you for it. Look them up online and send them a message or an email explaining what you do, how you can help them, and samples of your work.

Check out my blog post about how doing this got me a free massage!!

Wedding Planners

As I’ve mentioned way too many times already, wedding calligraphy is HUGE! Look up wedding planners in your area and shoot them an email!! Tell them how you can help them, what sorts of wedding services you offer, and if you’re lucky they could refer your services to their clients!

Real Estate Agents

A lot of real estate agents send cards to their clients as a marketing tactic. If you take the time to send THEM cards, you’ve already included a sample of your work! Just include a business card and explain how handwritten cards are more effective and hope they reach out to you!

9 ways to attract more clients and make more money
pin this!


Take the time to make an awesome flyer that utilizes your hand lettering skills! You can post the flyer on community boards in your area. Explain what you sell and include your contact info. It won’t be long before you’ll be hearing from a client!!

Social Media Marketing

I think we all know how powerful social media can be these days. I mean, people are getting famous for everything. That’s not to say you should post your work on social media and expect to be invited on Ellen but it might help you make a couple bucks.


Ah…facebook. Home of wine moms and people from high school you haven’t talked to in years. What do wine moms love more than wine? Corny signs for their kitchens that tell you where the wine is. And what are your friends from high school doing these days? Probably getting married, getting PhDs, or both. Let everyone know what you’re up to and post about your creative service! You never know which shadow from your past will give you a chunk of change!


I’m sure you’ve heard it before but I’m telling you again anyway: PINTEREST! Pinterest is an awesome way for your product to go viral. Look around for some group boards to join. There are tons of Etsy – specific group boards that let you promote your items. But, look around to see if there are any other boards that are specific to what you sell!

And again, I’m sure you’ve heard it before but here I am repeating everyone else: Tailwinds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The best part is you can join tribes for free! There are a few Etsy related ones where you can promote your items to other Etsy shop owners.

Click here to start using Tailwind!!!!

Group Boards

Tailwind Tribes


Recently I’ve kind of forgotten about Instagram to be quite honest. I just never got the hang of it the way some people do. I do think that if you manage to figure it out and grow a following on here it could direct a few potential clients your way. Within a week of me making my Instagram specifically for my business, I got a message from someone saying they were interested in a custom order in the future.

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