Passive products are my favorite things to sell on Etsy. I make it once, post it, and just let the money roll in. No further effort is needed on my part! Which means I can spend more time working on this website and making more products to sell on my site! I want you to be able to do the same! So here are some passive product ideas to get you started!

This post most likely contains affiliate links, which means I will make a small commission, at no cost to you, if you make a purchase through a link. I only recommend products I use and love.

Before you start creating a list of all the passive product ideas you want to sell you might be wondering “what is a passive product?” Well my friends, read my post all about making passive income on Etsy!

Now that you know everything you could ever need to know about why passive products are awesome and easy ways to convert your designs into passive products, let’s get those creative juices flowing!

Wall Art

If you’re a hand lettering artist like me then this is an awesome way to get started. Quotes, slogans, Bible verses, etc. are all super popular in the wall art department. Draw up a few beautifully hand-lettered sayings and put them up on Etsy as digital downloads. You can also use Printful to outsource the printing and shipping of your designs! Yay for passive income that’s also physical products!!

Stock Photos

If you have a nice camera, some succulents, and some confetti than you are set for staging photos to sell online! That way people like me can buy your bundles and use them on our blogs to make them look nice.

Branding Kits

Are you a graphic designer? Well whip up some Pinterest and Instagram templates and start selling branding kits! When I started this blog I bought a branding kit that came with logos, facebook headers, Instagram templates, Pinterest templates, and font recommendations. It makes promoting and branding my content so much easier and makes my pins look way nicer than they would have otherwise.

Sewing, Crochet, or Knitting Patterns

If you’re good at any of these things this is a great passive product idea! Just upload your pattern to Etsy as a digital download! I used to crochet and I would buy crochet patterns all the time!

Passive product ideas to sell on etsy!
pin this!


Are you really good at Pinterest? Or do you have thousands of viewers visitors to your website every month? Sell your strategies and advice as a downloadable ebook!


If you’re good at graphic design and technical crap like font creation this is an awesome way to start making money. I love downloading unique fonts to create logos and use on my graphics!

Photoshop/Procreate Brushes

I am ADDICTED to buying as many procreate brushes as possible. I just want to be able to utilize every effect possible and guess what? I’m sure loads of other people feel the same way! So you got some personal brushes saved to your procreate account? Sell them!


Making custom planners is super easy using Good Notes on your iPad! Take the time to make them unique to attract more customers. Maybe a social media planner? Include pages where customers can keep track of their goals. Go beyond the average weekly planner!


I love a good hand lettering worksheet! Do you have your own handwritten font that you use to creating wedding invitations or other designs? Sell it as a worksheet so people can learn from you and emulate your technique in their own hand lettering.

Vector Graphics

Vector files are awesome for people who design logos. Turn your illustrations into vectors and sell them for commercial use! It could be something as simple as an arrow!

Greeting Cards

If you sell greeting cards like I do make sure they’re available as downloadable files! If someone is in a time crunch they are much more likely to buy a card from you if they can access it right away instead of having to wait for it to ship!


Don’t forget to check out Printful! This site is really so awesome and will make your range of passive product ideas limitless!

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