So Why This Blog?

I’ve always loved art and wished I could pursue something more creative with my life. One day I saw an iPad lettering video on Instagram and I was HOOKED. I already had an iPad Pro so I got an Apple Pencil, downloaded procreate and fell in love with hand lettering. From there I learned dip pen lettering, brush lettering, I started doing custom chalkboard pieces for local businesses, launched my Etsy shop, and started this blog. Here you’ll find everything from online business advice from your local STEM major, recommendations for some of my favorite lettering products (both digital and not), as well as my deep love for my pets and Harry Potter.

The Goon Behind the Blog

See that girl in the fuzzy pink sweater holding that adorable cat? That’s me. I’m a college student at Boston University and I’m about to graduate with a degree in Environmental Science. Now you may ask: Sachi…..why are you spending your time running an art and business blog? Look, here’s the thing, people can have more than one interest! When I first got into environmental science my goal was to do activism work, spread awareness, work for an environmental charity. I still want to do that but as a passion, something I do on the side rather than a career. I would also love a way to incorporate my art and lettering with environmental issues but I haven’t come up with an idea I love yet. So while I’m figuring that out, I have my blog and my iPad and my shop and its fun and exciting!


Before you leave!

Do you love Harry Potter, hand lettering, unique gifts, or sarcastic quotes? Chances are you like AT LEAST one of those things if you’re here! So check out my shop!

Check out my shop!