So Why This Blog?

I’ve always loved art and this is my way of channeling that love into something useful. Since beginning my hand lettering journey in January 2018, I’ve learned dip pen lettering, brush lettering, I started doing custom chalkboard pieces for local businesses, addressed wedding invitations, and launched my Etsy shop. Here you’ll find everything from online business advice, recommendations for some of my favorite lettering products (both digital and not), as well as my deep love for my pets and Harry Potter.

The Goon Behind the Blog

I’m Sachi, and I’m a Boston University graduate with a degree in environmental science. Since graduating I bought a pet snake whose name is Egg & booked tickets to a Harry Potter Convention in October. This blog is currently on a hiatus as I try and figure out which direction I want to take in, but in the meantime don’t hesitate to email me at if you have any questions or need me for any lettering services.


Before you leave!

Do you love Harry Potter, hand lettering, unique gifts, or sarcastic quotes? Chances are you like AT LEAST one of those things if you’re here! So check out my shop!

Check out my shop!