8+ Procreate Brushes Every iPad Letterer Needs

April 25, 2018

Using Procreate on the iPad is how I first began learning to hand letter and remains my favorite way to letter. There are SO many awesome Procreate brushes out there specifically for hand lettering.

The best part is a lot of them are free.

Even if they aren’t free most bundles are pretty affordable and well worth the investment.

8 procreate brushes every ipad letterer needs
This post most likely contains affiliate links, which means I will make a small commission, at no cost to you, if you make a purchase through a link. I only recommend products I use and love.

8 procreate brushes every ipad letterer needs



Where to Find Procreate Brushes

There are so many awesome places to buy procreate brushes.

  • BY FAR my favorite place is Creative Market. You can sign up for FREE and every week you get to download 6 FREE THINGS! Stock photos, templates, fonts, graphics, and yes, Procreate brushes. If you don’t have an account I HIGHLY recommend signing up if you do creative stuff!
  • Next is everyone’s favorite online marketplace: ETSY! There are loads of really high-quality brushes available for instant download.
  • There are lots of bloggers who talk about Procreate and hand lettering and often times they have free brushes. This is one of my favorite places to find both paid and free brushes!

Paid Procreate Brushes

  • Watercolor Brushes – $16 – This is THE best watercolor brush kit I have tried. It’s crazy realistic and also really fun to use. The creator includes a step by step tutorial to help you get the best results possible. You can see some of the pieces I’ve done with this kit here and here.
  • Colorful Brush Set – $8 – You can get some really awesome and unique effects with this brush set! I love experimenting with different color palettes when using this set!
  • Composition Grids – $12 – These aren’t exactly brushes in the same way the previous ones are but you can import the files as brushes. Let me just say these are SO helpful and worth it. I really struggle with composition and writing straight and evenly. These grids are a really amazing tool to bring your pieces to life and get better at creating professional looking pieces!
  • Neon Brush Set– $6 – You get SO MUCH for 6 dollars!!! This brush set is AMAZING! You’re able to create extremely realistic neon signs which makes for really unique pieces! This set also comes with free backgrounds that really make your lettering pop even more! One note is that if you are using this set for lettering (which I assume you are) to bump up the streamline of the brush you’re using!

Free Brushes

  • Durango – You get this brush when you sign up for Holly’s email list and it’s honestly one of my favorites. It was the first brush I downloaded to Procreate and I still use it! It’s great for just regular old thin upstroke/thick downstroke hand lettering
  • Rad & Happy – Both these brushes are really great! I especially like the monoline brush for highlights and changing up the fonts in my pieces. It’s not too different than the stock monoline brush but I do think it’s slightly smoother. The class lettering brush is pretty similar to durango but slightly thicker and not as smooth. I would suggest trying both out and decide which one you like more!
  • Missy Meyer – I haven’t tried all of these but my favorites are Dearest Dotty & the Big Blobby Brush. Dearest Dotty is great for a standout word or a shorter piece. Because the Big Blobby Brush is so thick and has such a contrast between strokes it’s my go-to brush for if I want to do a 3D piece. I find it much easier and more realistic to do 3D lettering when you’re using a thicker brush!
  • The Gracie Brush– There’s a bunch of free brushes here but my favorite is the Gracie brush. I alternate between this and Durango when I want just a classic lettering brush. I find this one looks better if you need a thinner look but Durango looks better if you’re going for something slightly thicker!
Just starting? – check out my list of hand lettering books to get you going 🙂


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